Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent in over a century of use.  Its permanency has been well recognized by knowledgeable physicians and is also testified to by hundreds of scientific articles published in the medical literature.  In addition to scientific recognition, there are over one million happy and satisfied persons who have solved a very personal and embarrassing problem with the help of electrolysis.

Electrolysis requires a series of treatments given over a period of time.  The length of time varies from person to person and is dependent on many factors.  The density and coarseness of the hair, as well as the total area to be treated, are very important.  How well you tolerate treatments and the consistency of the treatments affect the overall success.  The cause of the unwanted hair and the temporary methods of dealing with the hair in the past are also involved in the treatment time.  Many hairs will be permanently removed after the first treatment while some will require additional treatments to achieve permanency.  Treatments will be more frequent in the beginning and less frequent later on.  The overall results, permanent, hair-free skin are usually well worth the time spent.